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Import substitution

Factory Geona company, representing exclusive products for the door market, with luxurious and elegant design and appearance, variety of decors, forming a complex stylistic solution of the interior. Door factory Geona in production does not make concessions, uses advanced and our own development engineers, the best imported equipment and selects only the best materials so that the quality of products meet modern standards.
Ability and desire to make the product the best have pushed the Factory to create an exclusive range of doors, presenting it in unique textural and color diversity, decoration and patination.
Now You do not need to pay more for imported brand! You can buy doors Geona – a worthy substitution: Italian design, European quality at an affordable price, without extra costs for transportation and customs duties, in a short time.

Exclusive products

The use of modern technology allows the Factory to provide unique models of doors of different styles and directions, all over and for different segments. Each door Factory Geona is the epitome of fine art, model with volumetric and 3-D milling, made his own unique design, decorated with hand-painted. Thanks to the Factory approach to integrated formation of collections to create a unified stylistic solutions of the interior, the products of Geona actively demand among designers and buyers

Quality guarantee

Experience, quality standards, European equipment, advanced technology, careful selection of the best materials, controlling each stage of production enable us to produce doors of the European level. We value the status of the company — manufacturer of reliable quality products. We do not think where to save money on materials, not looking for ways to reduce the cost at the expense of quality, we have one goal – to make our product the best.
All interior doors, Factory provides a guarantee of 7 years and carries the warranty as well as Factory Geona provides after sales service with the ability to replace coatings and repair.

Custom manufacturing, custom sizes

The factory offers a huge selection of models of interior and steel doors, color variety, texture, arches and screens for radiators to suit Your individual requests.
Each model of door can be made to order. You can't cook openings for standard door leaves, and to save a substantial amount by ordering doors for existing openings that facilitates the installation even in the most challenging openings and allows you to implement the ideas using different methods and settings: a hinged opening, a compartment, Roto, owner or complementing the opening transom and shelf. Your order Factory takes in any color of offered decoration patina, height of door leaf up to 2400 mm and width up to 1000 mm, without increasing the cost of the product when dimensions up to a height of 2080 mm and a width of 930 mm.

Color and texture variety, patina

The factory offers a huge selection of impressive and exclusive color variation, the ability of patina, a variety of coverage types from Economy to Premium class. Today, the Factory manufactures the products of series Geona Doors with PVC coating - Veneer (the highest class AA) series, Geona Light Doors in Ultrasone (coating with a pronounced texture veneer) and Economy-PVC, made in Germany. Wide range of colors in each palette, a variety of textured, the possibility of combining allows you to give a unique image of a product and to make Your interior special. Noble and natural a product looks textured due to the texture and wood pattern, the feeling of the painted surface gives a smooth texture. Individual appearance, the effect of vintage and antique can be created using patina (used for coating PVC, Veneer). Patination is a technique of artificial aging is more clear
the manifestation of design elements (shapes), shapes, and textures of the tree: it has a bright outline, and a natural depression become more expressive.

7 quality factors

7 факторов качества

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